When and where is Winter Week and how much is the participation fee?

  • International Winter Week 2015 will be held in the dates 29th December – 3rd January, and will take place in Krakow, Poland
  • The fee depends on how fast you are in applying and sending your deposit after confirmation. The earlier you book, the less you pay. Check out the Payment page for more info

What is included in the participation fee? Can I get a refund of my Deposit or my Participation fee?

You can find all the relevant information in the Payment section of our website

I want to attend. What should I do?

There are three basic steps to follow in order to participate in Winter Week 2014:
  1. Submit a filled-in application form. You can find it here
  2. Wait for the confirmation e-mail stating that your application has been approved
  3. Send a deposit of €150.00 which will confirm your participation in Winter Week 2014. The deadline to send it will be 10 days after you will receive the mail of approval for participation.

How many spots are available?

There is a total of 50 available spots.

I want to pay. When can I expect the confirmation email?

We send confirmation e-mails usually fast, but it might take up to approximately a week. We want to maintain the gender balance as much as possible, as well as the participation of different nationalities, therefore we usually take some time to review applications. This will ensure that the maximum enjoyment and cultural exchange will be obtained.

What is the average age of participants?

The average age is between 18 and 35 years old. What counts is that you want to meet people from various countries and that you want to have fun.

I arrived in Krakow. Now what?

Check the travel page on our website for more info about bus, trains and planes. Be sure to contact us with your itinerary in order to be sure about how to reach the venue and eventually arrange together with other participants. We suggest you to use our facebook blog and event page to find them and set a common itinerary.

I need a VISA for Poland; What kind of information I need to send you to receive the Invitation letter?

Please fill out the application form in all its parts, writing in the fields for name and address the data as showed in your passport. We need this information to complete your visa request invitation letter and facilitate the process of the hotel in completing the VISA procedures for you.

What do I need to bring to IWW?

  1. Towels
  2. Health insurance - Either European Insurance Card or personal insurance - you must have a health insurance to participate in IWW as we will have a very active programme!!! (we also suggest you to insure also your baggage if you need to change flights many times)
  3. Don't carry any liquids in your hand luggage, remember that you’re allowed to carry liquids (make-up, shampoo and medicines as well) up to 100 ml.
  4. Medicines that you might need (for headache, fever, stomach, etc.)
  5. The flag of your country for the Global Village
  6. Remember that we will have the Global Village. It will be a big fest where every country or region will be presented, so, please, don't forget to bring some typical food, drink, national specialities, songs, instruments, brochures etc. to present your culture for the rest of the group. Traditional clothes are also very welcome!!!
  7. Different and comfortable clothes for the trips, dinners, parties. Smart and elegant clothes for the New Year's dinner and party
  8. Very important: all the documents that can prove that you have paid in order to avoid any financial misunderstandings
  9. Please, change the money before arriving to the venue, as you will have to pay the rest of the fee before getting in the room
  10. Also very important, to avoid any problems connected with luggage eventually not delivered on time, save the boarding passes, the receipts of the plane tickets and the checked – in luggage receipts
  11. Your smile and good mood 🙂

What is Global Village?

It will be a big fest where every country or region will be presented by some typical food, drinks, national specialties, songs, instruments, brochures, traditional clothes etc. to the rest of the group.

I would like to stay one more day. Is it possible? How much will it cost?

Of course it is possible 🙂 In this case please inform us in advance so we will be able to reserve the extra night/s for you and avoid any misunderstandings with the hotel management. The cost is 25 euros per person each extra night.

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