Krakow, Poland

29th December 2015 – 3rd January 2016


Take a deep breath and get ready to paint your new memories on the canvas of your heart while walking down Rynek Główny, one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe. The perfect post-card view gains its complete shape by gazing at astonishing churches , adorable side streets with little cafes and stunning architecture. The carves of Kazimierz district welcoming you with their diversity, filling your nostrils with deep tasty food aromas…

Enjoy the warm sensation of friendly faces smiling around you, greeting old, new and soon to be friends.

Krakow, the ancient seat of Kings, is the designated host of international Winter Week 2015.


 Sukiennice Museum,  Photo by Łukasz Kosowski

International Winter Week is an event created by the NGO TDM 2000 back in 2004, which enables hundreds of young people from all over the world to meet every year for the new year’s eve and share exciting moments in a purely intercultural atmosphere, according to a recipe based on years of experience: fun, friendship and culture.

International Winter Week is a moving event, which takes place every year in different vibrant cities and countries (Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland…and even Morocco). This year we have chosen Krakow, the pearl of Poland and Central Europe, as we invite you to join us in another magic event.

Be ready to live an ancient adventure within the fascinating streets of the medieval districts of Krakow, surrounded by charming views as we write a new chapter in history. Stories that are just partly told on our Location page, as we wait for your contribution to unfold the veils of the future year…

Check the Agenda to reveal everything we have in store for you.


 Wawel  Cathedral, Photo by Łukasz Kosowski

Newbie or a veteran, everybody is invited to the feist because this will be a new story to tell, image to show and memory to keep.

Ready for this December?

IWW2015 has a very limited availability of spots. Only 50 persons will have the fantastic opportunity to be part of it, so don’t miss the chance, check the participating conditions and Apply here as soon as possible.

Join us in this medieval fairytal, don’t miss the chance…history is awaiting us

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