Our beginnings were in the year 2000: We had just the International Summer Week, a small band of pioneers with a vivid focus – show the world the panoramic beauties and emblematic traditions of Sardinia while getting to know the depths and riches of other cultures. International Winter Week began in 2004 and throughout the course of over 10 years our fresh-faced ideas and these enlivening events have flourished into two of the most enthralling intercultural festivals in Europe. Hundreds of travellers and adventurers from all corners of the world have graced our doorway– Japan, Australia, Siberia, Cape Verde and Brazil, all sharing their experiences in beautiful landscapes and foreign atmospheres!


The initial formula for the International Weeks has matured greatly, but still follows the proven initial blueprint – one week of discovery, celebrating ancient heritages and unique natures, while immersing ourselves an intercultural pool of personalities, passions and perceptions. Come with us, explore, enlarge your world and embrace people from a huge diversity countries and backgrounds with open arms!


#IWW2015 is about to land in Krakow! Our newest edition will be an explosive mix of fun, culture and friendship without bordersWe’ll wander through the city labyrinths, taste traditional food treats, hold our trademark global village, enjoy relaxing time in the sauna and much, much more. It’ll be 6 days you’ll never forget!


Would you like to come but are afraid that you’re going to spend a fortune on the air ticket? Check out our how to get to Krakow Insert Hyperlink to consult the cheapest travel options that we’ve found for you! Be sure to come back often to stay updated!


Looking to save some money? Consult the Payment page Insert Hyperlink and see if you’re eligible for one of our offers! The earlier you book the less you pay!


What are you waiting for!? Come with us and spend a week of fun and festivities in this fascinating, atmospheric Arabian playground. KRAKOW is waiting for you with open arms… APPLY NOW! HYPERLINK

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